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Did you know?

CSI offers state-of-the-art, internet-based reporting information systems to our customers. All of our reporting tools are exceptionally user-friendly and can be customized to meet any client demands. Online reporting gives our clients access to their data via the internet from anywhere, at any time.

The suite of CSI Risk Management Programs, and the functions of each, are as follows:

    CI Center
  • Can be accessed by agents and insureds
  • Provides policy information such as coverage, billing, claims and contact information
  • Agents can view their entire book of business
  • Can generate summary reports such as loss runs and claim summaries
  • Can be accessed by agents and insureds
  • Provides in-depth claims information
  • Allows users to interact with adjusters and claims managers
  • Adjuster notes are included
    FROI (First Report of Injury)
  • Provides insureds with a method to report their workers’ compensation claims online
  • Users complete actual Acord First Report of Injury Form
  • Reporting is done once and CSI notifies the respective Bureaus
  • Users can also keep track of reporting through CI Center
    Web Intelligence
  • A powerful web-based tool for running reports
  • Users may generate standard reports or create custom reports
  • Information is real-time and drilled down to the smallest detail
  • Information can be presented in multiple formats including charts, graphs, etc.

Disaster Recovery

The Company has invested in state-of-the-art hardware and software to safeguard the information for its customers. Our programs provide the best security and privacy of information and we have instituted a detailed recovery plan in the event of an emergency. CSI maintains its Claims System on an IBM I-Series platform located at the parent company data center. CSI also utilizes IBM Mimix software to replicate data to a second I-Series. This second platform is our “hotsite,” located at an entirely separate location from the parent company data center. This approach allows for immediate cutover from one location to another in the event of an emergency.


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